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> Glitched as in: "That $@!&ing computer glitched two hours of work."

In the Random House dictionary the word Glitch is said to come from 'glitsh', a Yiddish word meaning skid or slip.

In our vernacular glitch means a minor defect or malfunction.  I have no idea what type of glitches cavemen encountered.  Although, I guess I can see a guy squatting behind a rock off a well traveled animal path, club in hand, jump out to surprise a large animal with a killing blow to the skull with his, heretofore, dependable club, only to be surprised himself by a loud CRACK emanating from his club.

Hopefully, he had enough time to get away from the big beast with the large headache before the surprise wore off the animal..

Here in the modern world, with all its multi-tasking, one can be glitched by his memory.  "Honey, where is the checkbook?" 


Or his car, computer, heating system, blackberry, cell phone or the world wide web.

Yes, my weary friend, you can be glitched in this life by many things.  Randomly, of course, but mostly at the worst moment...well, getting glitched causes the worst moment, now doesn't it?   Thought minor the defect or malfunction may be, it might just cause a Rube Goldberg type chain of events, which ends in your complete undoing.


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