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The Way it Should be: Taxes
by Joseph De Matteo


The way it should be: Taxes

             Whenever I hear the word taxman, I involuntarily conjure up a vision of a peasant - me - sagging under the realization that the approaching horsemen are the Taxman and his entourage. 

Real freedom will not occur until people (including small business people) are no longer personally responsible for paying taxes.  Sure the Government needs to collect taxes, but they should find another way to do it, a way that does not include you and I personally. 

            Freedom from the taxman is the last frontier in the fight for personal liberty. 

The solution is really quite simple: Collect taxes from the manufacturers (and utilities like telecommunications companies, and alike) and importers. 

Of course theyíll pass it on to us, but the point isnít eliminating the funding of the government; itís freeing people form the fear and burden of personal tax responsibility, and letís not forget the temptation to cheat. 

Ah, no more relevance to the date April 15; no more trying to decide if this is the year that you can deduct the cost of your home office (sure you actually have a legitimate home office, but Harry, whose cousin knows a women, whose husbandís barberís neighborís son heard from a guy at work, that someone he knows told him that they heard that this year the IRS has red-flagged home office deductions, so even if you actually have one, donít use that deduction.  Yes, anything, even over paying ones taxes, is worth never having to hear the words, ďHoney, itís the IRS at the door.Ē

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