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The man on the phone made it in through the closing elevator doors. 

Alright, Lisa, Ive been thinking about a solution to this.  Now hear me out, all the way. 

We give ourselves a year to sell everything and buy a place in a remote part of the state.  We build a self-sufficient building with modest but comfortable living space, our new home.  This will have us together all the time.  There will be nothing pulling us away from each other: no work, no friends, no neighbors, nothing.  All of the things that upset you will be out of our life, and well be together all the time.  Well be working together on our life, well grow food, put up preserves, keep the place safe and comfy, well be having fun and enjoying ourselves with one another.  Just what you want: me completely for you and you completely for me.

The elevator stopped and some people jostled past the man who was so absorbed in his conversation, it was as if no one were there.

Im not making fun of you, Lisa, I am completely serious.  Ive figured it out and we can do it, we will have the money to do this in one year.  Lisa.  Lisa.

Here is the thing Lisa.  Now you have to hear this and understand this.  I make a lot of money because I make myself the most prepared and knowledgeable person in the company.  But I am falling behind now because I have no time to prepare.  My trips in to the office and home again are my study times; I have always taken two hours after dinner as well to study and draw conclutions. However, you have taken all this time away from me.  In the last six-months you have taken up more and more of my business time.  You interrupt me in the middle of reading, of studying, of researching of thinking.  I spend half my time on the train talking to you and the other half trying to remember what I was doing. You have even taken my planning time away. 

Lisa, you are calling me five times a day at the office, now.  I work in a high pressure, go, go, go job.  We dont take personal calls.  It is not done. 

I am going to lose my job because you demand so much of my work time; My boss is complaining, and I have a young hot-shot working to push me out and take my job.  Im on the verge of getting fired. 

The fact is that we either do what Im recommending, or we will lose everything and have to move back to Brooklyn.

Another stop, this time on the sixty-fifth floor.

You are not absorbing what I am saying, this is what we have to do.  No, Lisa, hear me out.  Lisa, no!  You must listen and you must understand; Im almost on my floor.  And once Im on my floor Im shutting off my cell phone and not taking any calls from you; we will not speak again until I get to the station tonight.  Listen to me.  My god, I trying to save our future.  Im trying to accomplish the things you tell me you need, now you must do this thing that I need: no more calls at work, no calls after I leave home or work to come home; Ill call you when Im at the station.  I do not want to end my career by being fired.  You must do this for me: do this one thing. 

Listen!  I have plans.  Ive been working on this for a month.  Tonight, after dinner you and I will go over everything. 

Now I must ring off.  Good by for now, I love you.

The floor counter read 81, only 3 more floors to go.  He took a deep breath and started to focus on the day ahead of him.  He was on the spot today and 

His phone rang.

Ding: Eighty-four.

Joseph De Matteo

Copyright All rights reserved 2008


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