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Book Reviews by Joseph De Matteo

The Rage and the Pride

By Oriana Fallaci 

            Iíll say; each word drips with Ms. Fallaciís rage, and her pride.  Iíve never read a book more perfectly titled.

            The preface, a good 25% of the small volume, puts you on the fast track, which you wonít get off of until the ride is over.  Your first feeling may be akin to the one you get when you ask your uncle how his trip to France was.  You know, when you realize heís actually going to tell you all about it.  But in this case youíre quickly hooked by the logic packaged in what you may at first mistake for emotion, but quickly recognize as passion.

            There is nothing else to say about the book except that itís a narrative that comes to a fine point in spite of its high-speed, hardedge delivery. 

Run to your local bookstore and grab a copy; you'll not regret it.  Better yet, click here and have it shipped post haste.

By the way, want to read an exciting bio?  Check the links below.  Attention, Martin Scorsese, this is the stuff that epics are made of.

The Rage and The Pride

Oriana Fallaci Bio | Italian Bio 



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