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Abraham in 2001
By Joseph De Matteo

            In a recent conversation with a Muslim acquaintance, I learned of the great importance Muslims put on Abraham.  Personally, I always regarded the lesson of Abraham as God's instrument to raise humanity to a higher level; that this lesson is the foundation of our present civilization, one of the foundation stones of which is respect for human life. 

            After that conversation I reread the story of Abraham in my bible, then I read it in the Koran.

            Abraham's lesson to us could be viewed as a lesson in the importance in the general respect for human life: God loves each of us, every human life is important to Him, and therefore, the life of each human must be a vital concern to each of us.

            However, in the midst of a generally accepted worldwide infanticide with millions of babies killed each year for reasons of personal selfishness, a perverse form of earth-management, racism, governmental economic frugality, even crime control, the fact that God put a stop to the then generally acceptable killing of a child by his father as a sacrifice to a deity, this should be a very clear message to every Jew, Christian and Muslim. 

As part of itís pro-life efforts, I believe the Church should celebrate Abraham with a Holy Day, and use that Holy Day to teach this vital lesson to the voting and non-voting public, and to every child.

            Obviously, the notion to love and protect ones child no longer goes without saying.  It wasnít long ago when the responsibility to protect any child was accepted, out of hand, by every human older than it, including slightly older siblings and complete strangers.  What a sad commentary on humanity.

            My Mamma taught me that every woman was to be treated like my sister or my aunt; every man, like my brother or uncle; and every child like my sibling or my own child, in order to respect, protect, defend and love even a stranger.

Joe De Matteo

Copyright March 2001 Joseph De Matteo all rights reserved.


Joseph De Matteo

Joseph De Matteo


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